Shooting range CINELOV

Unique experience of cinema shooting

Train in newly opened cinema shooting range with circa 100 video clips of hunting, shooting and security theme.

Cinema shooting up to now was only available to hunters and shooters in Germany, England, and Scandinavian countries. July 4. 2018. the first shooting range of that kind is opened in this part of Europe.

On over 100 video clips of various hunting and security themed videos or videos with standard targets, professionals or enthusiasts can practice their shooting skills.

CINELOV d.o.o. is a dealer for a few established weapons, ammo, and optical equipment manufacturers. You will be able to buy RWS ammo, rent HS guns, buy AIMPOINT red dots or something else from an ever-expanding offer.

In the complex operates Cinelov Caffe, where you will be able to refresh yourself after the shooting practice.


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